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Spotfire On Demand Webcast:
Big Data Science and Intelligent Manufacturing Part 2 of 3: Using Warranty Analytics to Reduce Costs & Improve Satisfaction

Presented By:
Michael O'Connell, Ph.D., Chief Data Scientist, TIBCO Spotfire
Bill Lycette, Quality and Reliability Engineering Manager, Agilent

Date Recorded:
Thursday, November 14, 2013

TIBCO Spotfire - Complimentary On Demand Webcast

Delivering products with high quality and reliability is essential to the success of hardware providers in today’s business environment.  In Agilent Technologies’ electronic Test & Measurement markets, customers expect high system uptime and low repair costs.  From an internal company perspective, warranty expenses have a large impact on profitability, typically running in the range of 0.7-2.5% of revenue for manufacturers of electronic equipment (source: Warranty Week®).  Any way you slice the data, it is critical to the success of equipment suppliers to pay close attention to product reliability, and warranty analytics is a critical tool in the quality management toolset.   

In this on demand webcast, Bill Lycette of Agilent will demonstrate how the new Warranty Analytics and Reporting Program (WARP) integrates with the Spotfire platform to provide early detection of reliability issues for quicker corrective actions, thus maintaining high product uptime for customers and low warranty expenses for Agilent. Additionally, techniques for the delivery of powerful, user friendly, more efficient analytic capabilities will be shared.

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