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Spotfire On Demand Webcast:
Netback Analysis and Insight into Refining

Presented By:
Michael O'Connell, Ph.D., Chief Data Scientist, TIBCO Spotfire
Patrick Long, Director, Opportune
Jason Wilton, Large Independent Refinery

Date Recorded: Thursday, October 24th, 2013

TIBCO Spotfire - Complimentary On Demand Webcast

Refineries are always looking for a competitive advantage to understand their customers and markets in which they operate. One large independent needed an easy way to understand costs, profitability, and margin across its entire customer base, terminals, and refineries. 

Through Spotfire, the team was able to bring together a wealth of data around customers, costs to get to market, external market prices, posted prices, production costs, and sales. The resulting analyses and visualizations provide insight into netback calculations, gross margin and customer profitability. The analyses enable what-if scenario assessments e.g. If discounts to customers are allow for sufficient cost recovery, and the sensitivity of customer demand to variable pricing at the racks. 

In this on demand webcast, Patrick Long of Opportune will illustrate how Spotfire analyses and visualizations drive actionable insight for the business. The Spotfire workflows showcase how decisions can be made based on real-time facts, rather than just “gut feel” analysis.

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