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On Demand Webcast:
Big Data Analytics in Oil & Gas: Production Surveillance and Completions Optimization  

Presented By:

Michael O’Connell, PhD., Chief Data Scientist, TIBCO Spotfire
Tim Yotter, Reservoir Engineer, Encana Oil & Gas Inc.

Date Recorded: Wednesday, September 18th, 2013

TIBCO Spotfire - Complimentary On Demand Webcast

Oil and gas professionals struggle to stay on top of the constant flow of data available for managing hydrocarbon production. With many wells in operation and new wells coming online regularly, monitoring well production for maintenance, and getting out in front of non-productive time, can be challenging.   

Simultaneously, assimilating the incoming flow of completions data from drilling teams, and understanding the important factors for effective localized completions, is an ongoing focus. This is particularly relevant across unconventional plays and fraccing, where high operations costs and low return prices forces a ruthless focus on ROI and cost-effective completions. 

The TIBCO DNA includes understanding big data history to anticipate and optimize the future state. In this webcast, Michael O’Connell, Chief Data Scientist at TIBCO, and Tim Yotter, Reservoir Engineer at Encana, will discuss TIBCO Spotfire approaches to well surveillance and completions analytics for production optimization. The approach includes examining data on a number of time scales – strategic, tactical, operations and execution – in order to understand factors effecting localized production, and to optimize production for cost and return on completions investment.

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