On Demand Webcast:
Brand Insights & Forecasts: Using Analytics to Grow Global Value & Volume

Presented By:
Leslie Miller, Spotfire Product Marketing
Will Heffernan, Spotfire Solutions Consultant

Date Recorded: Tuesday, April 30th, 2013

TIBCO Spotfire - Complimentary On Demand Webcast

Today’s CPG companies are facing a perfect competitive storm. The fight to differentiate and grow our brands in crowded global markets is only becoming more difficult. Some organizations look to data to gain a competitive edge. But while multitudes of data abound from internal & external sources, research shows us that seldom can we break down data siloes to gain a comprehensive, real-time picture of global performance. Most brand managers are starved of timely, actionable insights!

So how can we get the full, correlated insights we need to take corrective action that will grow our volume & value market share?

In this recorded webcast, Will Heffernan and Leslie Miller of TIBCO Spotfire will present Brand Insights & Forecasting, demonstrating:

  • Complete Visibility:  Evaluate a comprehensive picture of worldwide brand performance, across brands, regions & channels to uncover hidden insights
  • Management-by-Exception:  Interactively explore factors that influence strong & poor performing brands
  • Predictive Intelligence:  Forecast accelerating/ decelerating trends and define a course of action to influence positive future results

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