On Demand Webcast:
Root Cause Analysis and Quality Management in Discrete Manufacturing

Presented By:
Steve Farr, Sr. Manager, Product Marketing, TIBCO Spotfire 
Hector Martinez, Senior Solutions Consultant, TIBCO Spotfire

Date Recorded: Thursday, April 18th, 2013

TIBCO Spotfire - Complimentary On Demand Webcast

Helping and guiding executives to discover and truly understand the causes of manufactured product faults is the only way to ensure that corrective actions can be taken, costs avoided and customer satisfaction maintained, while recurrences are eliminated. But today’s manufactured products are increasingly complex, so how can we better understand the data presented to us and truly find the root causes behind failures rather than act on hunches and guesswork?

In this webcast recording, Hector Martinez and Steve Farr of TIBCO Spotfire will present Root Cause Analysis applications demonstrating:

  • Complete Visibility: A single view of all structured and unstructured data that affects product quality
  • Predictive Intelligence: Advanced analytics that predict the failures and causes of failures across increasingly complex data sets
  • True Collaboration: Alignment of disparate functions within the business to common priorities, enabling them to work as a team to achieve overall business goals in the quality arena.

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